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- Planung
- Sortieranlagen
- Zerkleinerungsanlagen
- Kanalballenpressen
- Brikettanlagen
- Kunstsstoffrecycling
- Recyclinganlagen
- Sonderanlagen

- Gefahrgut
- Entsorgung
- Explosionsschutz
- Gefährdungsanalysen
- Risikobeurteilung

Dear internet user,

On this page you can find out about our plant engineering and plant engineering services.

Optimize process flows and develop ecologically meaningful concepts.
Efficient sorting for sustainable utilization with raw material and energy production.
Not recyclable materials are processed into substitute fuel.
Sorting equipment: Planned from the delivery of the material to a transportable compaction / loading

Independent of whether a complete plant is to be developed or individual areas should be renewed.
We are pleased to help you.

Together with you, we will find the necessary plant engineering, buildings and infrastructure to present
concepts, take over all the work involved, or support you from planning to the completion of your plant.

- construction plants
- sorting plants with infrastructure
- crushing plants
- basic evaluation
- planning

- dangerous goods
- disposal
- explosion protection dust and gas

Antill now planned and implemented plants:

- Distillation plant for glycols and solvents
- Sorting system for spare fuel
- Mixing plant for combustible dusts
- Silo plants for dusts
- Data destruction
- Crushing plants of various types
- Containers for storing flammable liquids
- Conveyor belt transport systems
- Crushing plant for minerals with suction
- Sorting systems for household waste with complete
  furnace installation and electricity generation.

Our plants are planned worldwide
requested and used.




Vorplatz Grube 4

basic planning for building and infrastructure

Flow chart example

closed cycle 2

Flow chart 1

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