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In order to meet the growing requirements in the crushing technology, we combine different systems with our components.Versatile solutions with proven technology.

two shaft shredder for different aplikations

Serie 10

Serie  30

Serie 150

Serie SH_2

 electrical drive

 electrical drive with push divice

hydraulic drive

big hopper

cutting disc

primary crusher

Serie 250 offen


aluminum casting parts

waste wood shredding

data destruction

hard drive shredding





car tire crushing

plastic container IBC

steel drums

solid rubbertires





The cutting unit sizes of our rotor shears are selected in such a way that the commonly occurring materials, from paper up to truck tires, are easily crushed. Our scope of delivery includes the rotor shears with hopper and control cabinet. And optionally with steel construction,

The RS series has a motor with three-stage planetary gears on each shaft
Cutting unit sizes: W x L in mm Series RS
600x350, hard disk data commutation, laboratory use
600x500, hard drive data crushing,
600x850, universal car tire, plastic, aluminum, PET bottles, wood, compost,
600x1200, universal car / truck tire, plastic, aluminum, PET bottles, wood, compost,
900x1350, universal car / truck tire, plastic, aluminum, PET bottles, wood, compost.


The ZS series is equipped with a motor with gearbox for both shafts.
Cutting unit sizes in mm
300mm x 300mm
360mm x 380mm
500mm x 380mm
650mm x 540mm
574mm x 450mm (up to 1250mm)
760mm x 650mm (up to 1300mm)
1036mm x 1310mm (up to 2450mm)
1280mm x 1500mm (up to 2100mm)

500 x 500

A modern control cabinet allows easy operation of the system.

Standard equipment:
- Protection class IP55
- Control Siemens
- Start
- Stop
- Emergency stop switch
- Lamp operating condition (green, yellow, red)
- Main switch can be shut off
- Operating hours counter
- Reversing start

- Drive controlled motors
- SIMATIC Panel with clear operation
- Soft start
- Control of the discharge conveyor belt
- Preparation for remote maintenance

lamp operating

Data destruction

lamp operating

special aplication

throw in

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